Classroom Instruction

Our complete program begins with the Massachusetts RMV prescribed 30 hours course lesson plan for drivers’ education. Our innovative approach to drivers ed includes an interactive classroom experience that will teach the basics and fundamentals of safe driving practices. We also include a maintenance module which we take the students out to one of our driver training vehicles and show them the safe and proper techniques in changing a flat tire, jump starting a vehicle with a dead battery, checking the engine oil level, and adding windshield washer fluid to the vehicle. * Please note our classroom fee of $80 is a discounted fee based on the premise that students taking our classroom will be taking their behind the wheel driving instruction with Bill Rehill’s Driving School. Students who decide to take their behind the wheel driving instruction with a different driving school will be charged an additional fee of $25 to have their final grade score uploaded to their RMV profile. Students who do their behind the wheel driving instruction with Bill Rehill’s Driving School are not charged this fee.

Driving Lessons

Our behind the wheel instructors are armed with the latest concepts and techniques necessary to teach the type of quality education your teen requires to become a safe motorist. Each student is required to complete 12 hours of behind the wheel driver training and 6 hours observation. The core aspects of this program will not only teach your teen the basics of learning how to drive, but will also emphasize the importance of defensive driving and collision avoidance techniques. We also have a double lesson specially developed where we take our students on a road trip onto Centre St. West Roxbury, the VFW Parkway and the Jamaica Way in Boston which is overlooked by other driving schools.

Proven Driving Instruction That Works

At Bill Rehill’s Driving School, we take the training of our instructors seriously, and go above and beyond driving school industry standards to insure that our driving instructors are the most qualified in the industry. We utilize professionals that all they teach is driver’s ed. Aside from their professional experience, all our instructors are of outstanding character and must pass a CORI background check. We will not compromise who we put behind the wheel with your teen. Our instructors build a relationship with each teen which is instrumental to ensuring that every aspect of training is covered thoroughly over the 12 hours of behind the wheel driving instruction and 6 hours of observation. The RMV also requires that you, the parent, drive a minimum amount of 40 hours with your teen. For years I have been suggesting that my students should have at least 100 hours of behind the wheel driving time outside of drivers ed. The more one does of anything the better one will be at it. There’s nothing more important than driving safely behind the wheel of a car. We will give you specific tips and tools that will help you when you go out and practice during our parent class. Equally as important as the training provided by Bill Rehill’s Driving School is the support and time that you, the parents, put into your son/daughters driver education.