Parent Classes

Parent Classes

A requirement of the driver’s education program will be a two hour class for parents/guardians. The intention of this class is to educate parents/guardians about the content of the driver education curriculum, the junior operator’s law and the driving skills and behaviors that their children will be learning. It is important for parents/guardians to know the skills and behaviors that they should be modeling while driving so that they can coach and mentor their children to be safe and skilled drivers.

I view the parent class as a way for the RMV, driving school, parents, and students to all be on the same page in regards to the JOL laws/restrictions and their subsequent suspensions and fines.

I also use it as a format for parents to get to know me, the owner of the school, as well to give them some useful practice tips to make their student a better driver. It also gives parents the opportunity to have their questions about the drivers education process answered.

There is no student participation for the Parent Class.

Next 2 Hour Parent class: Wednesday May 29, 2024 at 7:15PM

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