Bill ReHill's FAQ's

Learner's Permit Faq's

The minimum age to get your Learner’s Permit is 16 years old.
No. As a matter of fact, the Driver’s Education Classes will prepare you to take the Learner’s Permit Test.


No. Many students study the current license manual from the RMV’s website mass.gov/rmv. There are also practice learners permit exams that students can take on the RMV website.

Under the age of 18 you will need a birth certificate or passport. The RMV does not accept photo copies. You will also need parental consent on the application form. Please make sure you have all the required paperwork or you will be denied at the RMV.


Applicants 18 or older with also have to bring 2 additional documents proving their occupancy here in Massachusetts.

Yes. The RMV requires a reservation to be made for all Learners Permit Services. To make a reservation go to the RMV’s website at mass.gov/rmv and click on Make or Cancel a Reservation. You can download the current license manual from the RMV’s website. 



The fee is $30 to take your permit test. You must successfully get 18 out of 25 questions correct to pass your test. If you fail, you are allowed to go pay another $30 and retake the permit test again. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND you pay the additional $50 for your drivers’ license and $35 road test appointment scheduling fee AT THE TIME YOU PAY FOR YOUR PERMIT. Tell the clerk you want to pay these fees as well as for the permit. The total will cost you $115 ($30 permit, $50 license, and $35 road test appt. fee). This will get credited to your permit number and you will not have to wait hours on the phone later when you are going for your road test. You are going to pay them the fee in 6 months, so you are just giving them the money now and saving hours of frustration at a later date.


Road Test FAQ’s

Massachusetts road tests require the test-taker to bring a sponsor. This means an experienced, state-licensed driver who is at least 21 years old. During the road test, the sponsor is required to sit behind you in the back seat while you take your test. 


The fee for Saturday road testing is $99 for those who have completed a Massachusetts Drivers Ed Program (30 hours classroom & 12 hours driving lessons). 
The RMV comes out to our Walpole location weekly depending on the RMV’s availability. Certain Saturday holiday/holiday weekends are exempt.


Yes you can. However, you will have to go during normal business hours of Monday through Friday. Provide a sponsor and a vehicle that has a middle parking/emergency brake for the examiner to grab in event of an emergency and passes their safety inspection.


Since we pay the RMV to come to our location on Saturdays, we can get you appointments and retakes (hopefully that’s not necessary) usually at a much quicker pace than if you go on your own during the week.


You are familiar with the area that the road test is administered. Many of you live in the area or close to it. This helps you feel more comfortable and is less intimidating then going to “THE” registry to take your test.

Saturdays there is much less traffic in the area which helps bring down the level of anxiety.

No need to miss school….makes mom and dad happier….

You will arrive about 1 ½ hrs before your scheduled test time so we can have our instructors giving you a brief warm-up lesson that comes with your package. This will familiarize you with the vehicle again and actually take a practice test and observe other students practicing their road test.

You must have completed ALL your driver’s education requirements 15 (fifteen) days prior to your requested Saturday test.


The fee for Saturday road testing is $99 for our basic package. This includes the sponsorship, the use of the driving school vehicle, and mini brush-up lesson before testing. This fee is SEPARATE FROM THE FEE THE RMV CHARGES FOR YOUR LICENSE AND ROAD TEST APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING FEE

Yes. If you haven’t PREPAID the RMV for your license and road test appointment fee, you must do this immediately. You can pay this fee online on the RMV’s Website. Or, you can call 857-368-8000. Follow the voice prompts to pre-pay your license fees. The RMV will charge your $50 for your driver’s license and $35 for the appointment fee. You will have to pay this fee whether you go with us on Saturday or go during the week on your own.
We HIGHLY RECOMMEND you pay the additional $50 for your drivers’ license and $35 road test appointment scheduling fee AT THE TIME YOU PAY FOR YOUR PERMIT.

You will receive a text from Bill Rehill’s Driving School a few days before the exam date. This will have your scheduled drop off time and the address of our test location here in Walpole, MA.


You will need your permit (Non-laminated and legible) and a properly and legibly completed application form in PEN that is signed by you and your parent/guardian who authorizes you to obtain your license.


If you happen to fail the test, when you get home, discuss with your parents when you would like to take the test again. Then go to our website and sign up for next road test.

If you prepaid for your prior test(s) the RMV charges $35 for each additional road test appointment. You can pay this fee online by going to your RMV profile, click here  to access your RMV profile. These fees are collected by the RMV and are separate from the services you are purchasing through SaturdayRoadTest.com.


First impressions make a difference. Dress appropriately and show the examiner that you’re ready to have your license and responsible enough to be out on your own. DO NOT wear sandals or flip-flops during driving lessons and especially on test day.

Classroom FAQ’s

Students must attend 30 hours of classroom instruction, 12 hours of behind the wheel instruction, 6 hours of observation, and a 2 hour mandatory parent/guardian class. If the student is 18 years of age or older the 2 hour parent class is not required.
The minimum age required: You must be at least 15 years and 9 months by the start of the class.


You can click on the classroom schedule link or feel free to text, email, or call us. Students looking for classroom only will be an charged additional $25 documentation fee for a classroom completion certificate. This fee does not apply to students who are taking their behind the wheel instruction with Bill Rehill’s Driving School. If a student that pays the documentation fee decides to use our services at a later date we will credit the documentation fee paid towards the road test package of your choosing.


The parent class is required to teach parents about the new junior operator laws as well as the required 40 hours instruction that the parent will have to sign off on that they completed with their teen. At Bill Rehill’s we DO NOT CHARGE a fee for those students who are taking their driving lessons with Bill Rehill’s Driving School. For students who are doing their driving lessons with another school and requesting a official Classroom or Parental Class Completion certificate we charge a $25 documentation fee for each certificate. This covers the administrative costs to process and deliver.


No, the parent class is good for 5 years from the date it’s taken. So, if you have younger teens within that range, you will not have to attend again. Al though you are always welcome to attend again if you desire.


The Massachusetts RMV requires you to attend 30 hours of Classroom preparation in order to obtain your Driver’s Education Certificate. The RMV has broken down the 30 hours into fifteen 2 hour modules. If you miss a specific module, you must make up the EXACT module you missed at a later date.


Yes. You can make up classes at one of our other locations as long as you are attending the module(s) you missed. You do not need to register for this. You can just attend and make sure you sign-in on the attendance sheet.

Driving Lesson FAQ’s

You can start taking road lessons as soon as you have obtained your permit. For students under the age of 18 the 2 hour Parent Class must be completed in order to start your behind the wheel road lessons.


It’s very easy. Text or call 508-294-7772 or email us.


Per the RMV rules, you can only do a maximum of 2 hours per day. That means 2 hours driving or 1 hour driving/1 hour observing.


We request that if you must cancel a driving lesson, you provide 24 hours notice to us. Lessons cancelled without 24 hour notice will be charged the full lesson fee. Missed lessons do not count towards the Driver Ed Certificate requirement of 12 Behind the Wheel time in a driver training vehicle. Road Test service cancellations require a minimum of 13 days notice from the date of service to cancel. Cancellations without the 13 day minimum notice do not qualify for a refund. Notice to cancel a Road Test service with at least 13 days notice will be subject to a $30 processing fee. That fee will be deducted from the eligible refunded purchase amount. 


Our instructors have set aside their schedules for you. If you don’t show for your lesson, the teacher still has to be paid. We understand emergencies arise and take this on a case by case basis. By giving 24 hours notice, we can open that spot up for other teens who want to drive that day.


It’s very easy. Text or call 508-294-7772.


Driving lessons are $75 per hour (behind the wheel driving). There is no charge for observation. The total for 12 hours of driving and 6 hours observation is $900. Most students pay each lesson as they go. We don’t require you to pay for multiple lessons up front but you can if you choose to. As a reminder students who complete the Mass RMV Drivers Ed program will receive an insurance discount over their first 3 years of driving. Most students will recoup the majority of their Driver Ed costs through the insurance discounts.

General FAQ’s

If you are under the age of 18, Massachusetts requires you to successfully complete an RMV approved Driver’s Education Program and have the Driver’s Education Certificate issued before you can book and take your Driver’s License test.



You must have your permit for 6 months, 184 days, of incident-free driving and complete all the driver’s education requirements in order to schedule your road test. Incident-free means that you have no violations or ‘at-fault’ crashes. If so, the 6 month starts all over from the date of the incident.


Upon Completion of all requirements at an approved Driver’s Education School and your payment of the required $15 fee to the RMV, the school will upload your completed requirements to the RMV stating you have completed the program. Upon successful uploading the students RMV profile will reflect Drivers Ed Completed. This is your driver’s education certificate. This is no longer mailed to teens by the RMV. It is electronically put on your RMV profile .


We don’t charge up front for lessons. Most students pay each lesson as they take them. No problem if you prefer to pay for your lessons in advance. We’ll keep track of your payments.


This is the $15 we pay the RMV to process your drivers education certificate. There is NO MARK-UP whatsoever. This is the exact fee the RMV charges.

We ask that the students bring us the $15 Driver Ed Certificate fee by the 11th driving lesson. If not paid by the 12th driving lesson this will delay the processing of your certificate thus delaying your road test.

Upon Completion of all requirements and payment of the required $15 RMV fee, we will upload the completion of your Drivers Education requirements to the RMV stating you have completed the program. Your RMV profile will then reflect Driver’s Ed Completed on your RMV profile. It is electronically put on your driver history and you can verify your Drivers Ed Completion here.

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